Diary Of A Skincare Developer

Diary Of A Skincare Developer

Hi! My name is Romy and I am leading skincare development at Routinely. I’m taking you with me on my journey of formulating, testing (and testing some more)  for an inside view into how we create our products. To balance out my science-geek tendencies, I’ll share a few things that I’m doing, reading or listening to that are keeping me inspired outside of Routinely HQ. Keep an eye out for this digital diary every month, and DM me here if there’s something you’d like me to talk about– digging into the science behind skincare is truly my happy place. 

In with the new

Longer and brighter days are finally upon us! Two other things that have been brightening up my days (and hopefully yours, soon!) are the new skincare products I’ve been developing with our lab. 

We're in the last phase of development, but I’m already sure these products will enhance your skin in so many ways and complete your routine. I am *thrilled* to announce that we are launching: 

  1. a dreamy cleansing balm based on calming natural oils 
  2. a shielding, soothing moisturiser with the perfect texture

As someone who has tried and tested (hundreds? thousands?!) of skincare products, I am ecstatic about these formulas. They could be the missing key to unlocking your skin goals– I know they are for me! They’re good… like, really really good.

We’ve been perfecting the formulas for months and months, collecting feedback during all sample rounds from a diverse pool of people. It’s important to note that a lot of skincare brands sell off the shelf, pre-developed products or just hand in a concept or marketing plan to a lab, only having one or two sample rounds, not really zeroing in on efficacy but rather ‘the marketing story’. We are perfectionists and didn’t want to do it that way; good things take time and my belief is that these products will really make a difference.

My biggest goal with these products was to develop straightforward formulas that serve all skin types, skin colours, skin concerns, skin sensitivities and skin goals. To be as inclusive as possible, to develop easy-to-love products that you can trust– because these ones actually keep their promises. Some of my criteria: 

  • Gentle but powerful
  •  Beautiful textures
  • Combine proven natural ingredients and modern technologies
  • Serve all types of skin out there

 Finding this perfect balance was not an easy task, but I have rarely been more sure about something than the magnificence of these products. I truly, truly can’t wait for you to try them!

Current favourite skincare products for fresh, crisp beginnings

Exfoliating serum

An exfoliant with AHA’s and PHA is the equivalent of the vacuum cleaner you use during the big spring clean of your house. It will wake up your skin from its wintery slumber by wiping out dead skin cells and activating cell turnover. This results in younger looking, glowing skin. It’s like a scrub, but better: it doesn’t damage your skin. This one is special because it contains succinic acid as well.

Other benefits I want to mention: blemish prevention, brightening age spots, acne scars or other forms of hyperpigmentation, ending winter dry skin for the rest of the year.

The Facial Lifting Cup

Facial cupping is used to improve blood circulation, decongest pores and stimulate lymphatic flow to detoxify deeply and reduce facial puffiness. It also helps to bring more nutrients and oxygen to the skin, stimulates the production of collagen and creates an overall lifting effect. I am obsessed with this one!

Vanav Time machine

A facial toning device with a titanium Gua Sha head to promote better absorption of active ingredients in skincare. I love creating a mindful moment with myself by using this tool.

Currently listening to this playlist.

Currently reading

All About Love: New Visions by Bell Hooks

Beautiful, honest and original perspectives on the phenomenon of love, involving philosophy, psychology and personal anecdotes of the cultural critic Bell Hooks (1952-2021). 

I’m signing off for now, but I’ll be back next month with more exciting updates and links to share. 

Xx Romy