Serums for Renewal 

Serums for Renewal 

We’re so ready to spring forward. More light, longer days, and fresh air... finally! If you’re just as ready as we are to refresh your routine and get out and about, read on for our skin-repairing serum picks. 

Sunday Exfoliating Serum 

What it does: Powerful chemical exfoliation for a spring refresh

Key ingredients: Glycolic acid and gluconolactone act as gentle, yet effective exfoliators, while succinic acid fights acne and bacteria. 

Why it’s special: Use it once or twice a week at night, and wake up to brighter, even skin. 

Reset Bakuchiol Serum 

What it does: Soothe & calm after a long harsh winter

Key ingredients: Bakuchiol, a plant-derived antioxidant known for its anti-ageing superpowers, and dew bean to stimulate cell renewal and collagen production. 

Why it’s special: It’s our best-selling serum for a reason; this formula is sensitive skin approved and prevents premature skin ageing. 

Golden Vitamin C Serum 

What it does: Protect, tone and brighten dull, tired skin

Key ingredients: Absorbic acid (the most active and best researched form of vitamin C) and Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that allows vitamin C to sink deep into skin. 

Why it’s special: Gold particles and glutathione enhance the penetration of vitamin C, making it more potent than its .5% composition indicates. The bonus? You won’t get the irritation you usually see with high percentage blends.