Thoughtfully Designed

Thoughtfully Designed

We use intelligently sourced ingredients and sustainable methods because they create better products— and they’re better for planet earth. 

Read on to find out what sets our serums apart, and what things you should look for in all of your skincare products. 

The Quality Checklist

Clinically tested

This an important step after formulation that brands should take to ensure their products work- but not all of them do. Our serums happen to be individually clinically tested by an independent third-party to be 100% sure they do their job.

Produced locally

When your products are produced in faraway places, your carbon footprint expands too. Routinely serums are made and packaged right here in the EU.

Made with proven active ingredients

A good brand will formulate their products around high quality ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve your skin, and make their ingredient list fully visible on their website. Read up on our ingredients by exploring each product here.

No fragrance, no problem

Fragrance in your skincare products (and other products, for that matter) can cause allergies to creep up over time. It can also sensitise skin; when perfume or essential oils are in touch with UV rays, it can damage healthy cells. To be safe, we just say no to fragrance in our products.

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